Synergy Management is Bound for the Punta Cana R&R Retreat

Select Synergy Management team members are heading to the Dominican Republic for the firm's annual rest and relaxation retreat. Anthony, the firm's CEO, discussed the buzz surrounding this event and benefits of business travel.

​Throughout the year, Synergy Management extends travel opportunities as rewards, for training, and for personal and professional growth. The rest and relaxation retreat is one of the most prestigious trips offered. It’s an all-expenses-paid weekend in Punta Cana, with industry leaders from across the globe coming to catch their breath after a twelve-month sprint to earn an invitation. 

It will be a time to relax and have fun in the sun, but it will also provide incredible networking opportunities. Hanging out poolside with some of the biggest names in customer acquisitions is sure to create connections that can drive career growth, plus offer a chance to share best practices and learn about cutting-edge techniques being used in the field.

The awards ceremony is another highlight of the weekend at which remarkable milestones are recognized. This is an inspiring event as high achievers share their stories of accomplishment, and audience members learn about the incredible growth and opportunity available in our industry.

Synergy Management’s CEO on the Benefits of Company Retreats

There are many excellent reasons to consider Synergy Management’s travel program a wise investment, according to Anthony. The chance for top producers to break away from their busy daily routines is certainly worthwhile, for example. Relaxing for a weekend in Punta Cana does more than just let people unwind; it also gives them a fresh perspective on their lives, and revitalizes their efforts when they come back to the office. 

This is also the perfect time for the Synergy Management team to reflect on their accomplishments together and discuss strategies for the future. Stepping outside the steady flow of daily responsibilities lets us look objectively at things like group dynamics and organizational objectives and adjust if necessary.

It’s also important for executives to spend time with one another away from the workplace, so they can dispense with roles and titles and connect as individuals. Trips help make this possible as associates journey to and from a destination, and make memories along the way. There’s nothing like exploring a new city, sampling exotic foods, and enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences together.

Anthony is prepared for an amazing weekend of team bonding, networking, and most of all – fun! He’s already looking forward to next year’s R&R and helping even more Synergy Management executives make the trip.

About Synergy Management: 

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