Synergy Management's Admin Team Rocks California Conference

Anthony, CEO of Synergy Management, highlighted a recent conference attended by the firm's administrators. Francesca, the company's head of HR, was chosen to be a guest speaker.

Travel plays an important role in Synergy Management operations, according to Anthony. Trips are used to recognize and reward high achievers, and also to supplement in-house training initiatives. The firm’s most recent business trip was a conference specifically for administrators in the customer acquisitions industry, providing training in HR and admin tasks and skills. 

Not only was the weekend a learning opportunity, but there were many chances for team members to network as well. Perhaps the most exciting bit of news was that Synergy Management’s head of HR, Francesca, was chosen to be a keynote speaker and share her knowledge on what it takes to be a successful administrator.

“It was an honor to be selected to present during our conference in California,” Francesca shared. “Getting an opportunity to guide and teach administrators coming up in our industry is really rewarding in itself.” Seeing Francesca honored on stage, along with the best practices shared and connections established, made the California trip a great success.

Benefits of the Synergy Management Travel Program

If recognition, training, and networking were the only benefits received from travel, Anthony feels it would be a worthwhile investment. There are other advantages that result from such excursions as well, though.

For example, the admin team had a chance to connect with each other on a deeper level than their busy workweek schedules usually allow. The time spent traveling back and forth, and the memories shared while in California, laid the foundation for increased camaraderie and even lifelong friendships.

Another perk of sending team members on trips is the way that travel renews a team member’s perspective. Routines are great for productivity and efficiency, but in a creative field like customer acquisitions, it’s necessary to recharge. By giving associates a weekend away from home, mingling with other rising superstars in the industry, he is ensuring that his people maintain the high levels of energy and focus required for success in this field. 

This trip, in particular, had an added feature that was worth the cost of the weekend: seeing Francesca on stage. Even the Synergy Management team members that weren’t in attendance know what a great honor it was for Francesca to be a guest speaker, and how well this reflects on the firm as a whole. Anthony is looking forward to seeing how energized and inspired everyone on the team is after this momentous occasion.

About Synergy Management: 
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